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My digital footprint…

Click on the various icons above to connect to my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts. My “personal” twitter handle is @The_Paul_Hebert which is much less followed and less active, but you still might find it interesting.

As far as my Facebook profile be warned – I rarely connect with someone I don’t know and don’t share much professional stuff. Usually, it is more a stream of consciousness as I drink whiskey, manhattans or scotch and think weird thoughts.

I don’t do Instagram, or snapchat, or vine. I find the basic ego-stroking sites enough for me.

How I wish others would feel that way.

I am the Senior Director of Solution Architectures at Creative Group, Inc. working tirelessly to help my client partners to design and operate the right programs to influence behaviors in their channel, their employee group and with their consumers. Our goal is to not only help our clients and their audiences hit specific business goals but to THRIVE in their day-to-day lives. You can email me here:


I love to connect and help if you want to THRIVE!

Oh … just in case it really matters … all opinions on this site are mine and have no connection to my employer or to their point of view. I am responsible for my own thinking.

Either way – feel free to click away!

What do you think?

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