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Sometimes you just need to hit publish…#50over50HR

I’ve heard on more than one occasion ideas are easy, execution is hard. Let me rephrase that and say execution isn’t always hard – but it is always very, very scary. The fun part about ideas is as long as they exist in the theoretical they really can’t be wrong. Ideas are simply points of view, opinions. But not […]
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Can Positive News About HR Sell?

If you spend any time on the Internet today you know that the best headline always include either a number or some amazing statement like “And you won’t imagine what happened next.” It’s clickbait. Designed to get you click the link and go to their site. And it works like a charm. Another clickbait strategy […]
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It’s People! Performance Reviews Are People!

If you’ve taken any time to poke around this site you know that I write for other sites/blogs. Fistful of Talent (will have one up next week again) and HRExaminer – to name two. Today I have a post up on HRExaminer where I discuss that much loved to be hated managerial task – the […]
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