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Social Media Shaming and SnapChat – Ranting!

Engagement. Everything is about engagement these days. If you’re in marketing you’re worried about consumer engagement. If you’re in HR you’re all about employee engagement. If you’re a B2B sales person you’re all about company engagement with your company. Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. (be honest – you said that like Jan Brady said Marcia. Marcia. Marcia. […]
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Acquired Tastes and HR Personalities on #TimSackettDay

Scotch Expensive Cigars Caviar The book Dune… Recruiting Animal   What do these things have in common? For a start, a ton of people hate them. And an equal number of people find them awesome and their reason for living. Me – I’m sorta in the second camp. Most of you have heard of the things on […]
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Deep Thoughts Shallow Brains

Is it just me or have we seen a huge uptick in pithy sayings set top of beautifully photographed scenes?  Like you, I read them and nod my head in agreement. In the past these visual soundbites (or do we call them site bites?) were quotes from famous people or people who had earned some […]
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