Radio Show3

This will be my new blog – an experimental space.

I’ll be posting audio podcasts. Maybe some video. Some writing if I’m feeling author-ey. I’ll probably cover a lot of stuff in the HR/Management/Humans at Work world… but I’ll probably break out of my comfort zone now and then and talk sports. Yeah… that will never happen.

Other stuff you might like to know….

Cancer survivor (I actually hate saying that but so many people are impressed by it I can’t help it… I want to be impressive.)

Cold survivor (see – that doesn’t have the same impact does it?)

Survivor – aren’t we all. I applaud you for making it… For getting past your issues (we all have them) and being who you are. My problems are no more impressive, important or insurmountable than yours and you deserve the same accolades for making it this far in your life. Congratulations. We are all survivors.

Father… husband (same woman since 1986 – another accomplishment right?)

Someone easily taken advantage of. I believe people are good. Unfortunately, I’m still looking for evidence to back that up. My experiences so far have proven the opposite. I guess that is the definition of faith.

Whiskey/Whisky (spelled both ways to satisfy the purists) drinker – used to drink unhealthy amounts of beer (see cancer survivor above) and now I only drink low volume high alcohol content drinks. Life’s too short to wait to finish 12 or 16 ounces.

Give me 2 ounces and let me go.

Hope you enjoy.

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