Are we playing defense when it comes to employee engagement?

About 6 years ago I wrote a post for Fistful Of Talent entitled: HR Plays Too Much Defense” The gist of the post was that HR sees their job as “protecting the company.” That HR is in the “prevention of problems game.” Unfortunately, the way you win that game is to not lose. And the […]
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Lois Melbourne on the “Paul”Cast – What I wish I had been told…

Today’s “Paul”Cast is all about taking the bull by the horns and reaching out to your  network and owning that task. And we’re lucky enough to have Lois Melbourne to thank for that advice. I’ve known Lois for a few years. I think we met over a podcast – HRHappyHour. She was running a company […]
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12 Karmic Laws of Engagement

The more I write about engagement and motivation for business, the more convinced I become that there are a finite number of rules in the world and those rules are simply repurposed for whatever context we humans play (or work) in. The rules that govern how we should act at home are pretty much the […]
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Kristen Harcourt on the “Paul”Cast – What I wish I had been told…

Are you afraid? Are you intimidated? Was there a time in your career where you didn’t say something or didn’t do something because you were intimidated? Either by title, gender, tenure? Was your career stalled or at least slowed down because you were too intimidated by someone at work? That’s what Kristen Harcourt brings to […]
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Sybil Stershic – on the “Paul”Cast – What I wish I had been told…

Remember the mean girls or guys in school? Well Sybil reminds us that they don’t disappear after we get out of school. Sybil Stershic joins me on the podcast where we explore working with jerks.  Sybil has some interesting points of view when it comes to working with the jerks you thought you’d left behind. […]
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At What Point Do You Throw in the Towel on Engagement?

Can you believe there was a time in medical history when medical practitioners didn’t wash their hands? When cleanliness wasn’t a “best practice?” True story. Washing hands wasn’t a routine issue back in the mid-1800s. The idea of washing hands came about because of the studies of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis. I’m sure many of you […]
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