Culture at the Speed of the Internet – Microsoft Chatbot Goes Rogue

On March 23, 2016, Microsoft unleashed on the internet an artificial intelligence (AI) attached to a twitter account. It was called a chatbot and it went by the name of “Tay.” “Tay” was an experiment in AI to learn how this nonhuman software robot would interact with the twittersphere and converse with “real” people on […]
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Chad Atwell Podcast – What you wish someone had told you…

Continuing my podcast series addressing advice you wished someone had given you early in your career we talk with Chad Atwell. Chad is the Director, Product Strategy – Human Capital Management at Oracle leading the strategy for Oracle’s Compensation Cloud working with clients and prospects to help create future product functionality. He is also a […]
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Why I don’t really like the whole analytics and big data thing in HR

It’s been something in the back of mind, wound tight, ready to spring with the right trigger – the feeling this whole mad, headlong rush into big data and predictive analytics for HR isn’t right. Isn’t human. I haven’t liked the conversation since I first started seeing it a few years back. I’ve always felt […]
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Charlie Judy – What You Wish Someone Had Told You

Seems I’m doing more podcasts than writing lately. I think it’s because I’ve been writing for almost 10 years about engagement, rewards, incentives, recognition and just about anything connected to influencing behavior in an organization. It gets tough to continue to find new things to say. It’s almost as tough as seeing someone write a […]
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Podcast With Michael Nagorski – What You Wished Someone Had Told You

Bam! Another podcast in the can! Fast and furious they are coming now said my inner Yoda. Wowsers. It was just last week when Trish McFarlane and I talked about how she wished someone had told her “creating” a job was a thing. Today we’re lucky enough to talk with Michael Nagorski, a Senior Consultant […]
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Podcast with Trish McFarlane – What You Wished Someone Told You…

You are in for a treat this time. On the podcast this time around is Trish McFarlane – friend and great HR professional and HR consultant at H3 Advisors. Trish and I spent about 25 minutes the other day chatting about what she wish someone had told her early in her career. It’s not what […]
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